Pump Down Services

Our Pump Down Services core value is our people and their experience.  Our equipment and maintenance programs are top priority behind supporting the people that run it.  Down time is costly to us all and we work to minimize as much of it as possible not only for us but our customers too.  We have Pumps capable of 15,000 PSI max pressure and the capabilities of running remotely from the perforator.  We also have data acquisition as a standard spec on all equipment for all jobs.


Acidizing & Stimulation Services

Our Acid and Stimulation division is very diversified.  We have the capabilities of 2-60BPM acid treatments.  Including diverter drops, ball outs and multiple stage jobs.  We have mixing tubs equipped on some units to make the diverter drops on the fly as well as command centers to record the jobs and provide live stream data and chart the job as we are pumping it.


Drill Out & Clean Out Services

Our drill out and clean out services are a staple to our business.  We were one of the first service companies to offer 1350HP skid units as a dry rentals to operators to package with their rigs and coil units.  As the laterals grew, so did the need for horsepower.  We now provide operators to manage and operate our units as well as provide chemical services.